Rent Backyard Chickens

This unique adventure allows you to experience the joys of raising hens and learning where your food comes from. Chickens are one of the easiest pets to take care of, especially when we provide you with absolutely everything you need! The 4-week coop and hen rental includes the mobile coop, friendly egg laying hens, organic layer feed, bedding, and our signature poultry waterer and feeder. 

Maryland Area Coop Rental.

Available only to customers in Germantown, MD area.

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New Jersey Area Coop Rental.

Available only to customers in Flemington, NJ area.

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Quality Inside Our Coop Rentals

Custom Coops

We build our own coops to help keep our hens are safe and happy. Eco-friendly and sourced from recycled materials.

Friendly Hens

We raise Golden Comet hens. They are one of the most affectionate and docile breeds of chickens. And of course, they lay eggs!

Organic Feed

We love our chickens and care about their health. That is why we include in quality nonGMO ingredients in your rental.

Rent Backyard Chickens FAQs

Q: How does renting work?
A: The standard rental comes with our chicken coop on wheels, 2 egg-laying hens, organic feed, bedding, a feeder, waterer and everything else you need for a successful rental.
You also have access to our Laying Hen Handbook which includes information for the care of your hens, along with some great educational material to use!

Q: How many eggs will they lay?
A: During the height of Summer, Golden Comets typically lay an egg almost every day. Depending of the season that you rent, you can receive up to a dozen eggs a week. However, during the darker colder months, hens usually lay one egg every two to three days.

Q: What are the benefits of raising chickens?
A: You may not know this, but chickens have amazing personalities. Some hens will come when called, let you pick them up, and let you rock them to sleep on your lap (especially on the swing-set). Many will follow you around the backyard while you're gardening.
They are also natural composters! They will eat all of your unwanted table scraps and will turn them into delicious and nutritious eggs. They're great at pest control as they will naturally forage your yard for small insects. One of their favorite things to snack on is actually ticks!

Q: Are chickens noisy?
A: While roosters tend to be the noisy ones of the bunch, hens are usually quieter. They may announce with pride that they have laid an egg by singing their "egg song" but most of their chatter is pretty quiet.

Q: Are the chicken coops predator proof?
Our coops are designed to keep your hens safe. They have dig guards on the bottom to prevent predictors from tunneling in and the hardware cloth siding is attached with industrial strength staples to keep everything securely in place.

Q: Will the hens get along with my pet?
Maybe. We have yet to hear about an aggressive cat, even after hundreds of rentals. The hens are usually too big for them to bother; however, we do not suggest having your cat interact with the hens.
According to our experience, some dogs get along with the hens right away, while most take a week of training before you may be comfortable enough to allow them to share the yard unsupervised. A select few are unable to cohabitate. Our Laying Hen Handbook provides a step by step guide on how to introduce your dogs to the hens that has worked with many dogs in the past.

Q: Will the hens run away?
Most hens will stay near their coop, because they love the company of YOU, their human! They love human interaction, so if you let them out of the coop, they will most likely hangout with you.

Q: Do chickens bite?
Anything with a mouth can bite; however, our hens are highly social and would much rather take a treat from your hands and hang out with you!

Q: Do chickens smell?
As long as you remove the soiled bedding once a week and move the coop every 4-5 days (it's on wheels), it shouldn't smell. We use pine shavings for their bedding which soaks up the moisture and covers up the smell.

Q: What happens if I go on vacation?
Our coops have an indoor part and an outdoor part (the run) which allow the hens to peck at grass, eat bugs, enjoy sunbaths, and get fresh air- all while being completely safe in their predator-proof homes. In the warmer months with 2 hens, they will be okay in their coop for 4 to 5 days. You can go away for a weekend without worrying about the hens and the eggs will be there when you get back. However, when the temperature falls below freezing at night, the waterer must be checked daily for freezing.
Remember, any time you spend away is less time that you get to spend with your girls!

Q: What are the dimensions of the coop?
72" x 38" x 40" (L x W x H)
Move your coop around! Chickens love grassy areas and enjoy foraging for insects!