Our Story

Tyler, Diana, and the RentACoop team are dedicated to creating high-quality solutions to make caring for chickens and other birds easy. Using a hands-on approach on our working farm in Maryland, we lead the marketplace in the innovation of high-quality products and feed that allow birds and their caregivers to thrive.

Improving the backyard chicken experience, one product at a time

Our founders Tyler and Diana started RentACoop as a chicken coop rental business in 2012, only a few years out of college. We have always been passionate about introducing people to the joy of caring for chickens – but the poor designs of existing products required a large amount of manual work and turned the experience into a chore.

The RentACoop team started to create solutions that would address common issues: easy for the animals to use, reduces waste, keeps the area clean, protects against predators and rodents, and cuts down maintenance time. We created the solutions for our own farm, and test them there before selling them to fellow bird lovers.

Celebrating our 10th anniversary, RentACoop has grown into a caring team of specialists all dedicated to providing high quality products for chickens and other birds.