Hatch & Rental - Our Story

RentACoop was founded in 2012 by Diana and Tyler Phillips as a chicken coop rental business; that's how we got our name! 

From our small family farm in Maryland and our partner farm in New Jersey, for ten years we delivered complete hatching programs and rental coops to our customers, introducing many local families and schoolchildren to the incredibly rewarding experience of hatching chicks and raising backyard chickens. 

In addition to our popular rental programs, Diana and Tyler and the RentACoop Team began developing and testing innovative solutions to make caring for our own flock easier, and soon we launched our first line of poultry products! 

In 2022 RentACoop announced, with great sadness, the closure of the rental side of our business. Though we've shifted our focus, our mission, love of animals, and commitment to our customers remains the same! Our small family farm continues to play an important role as the backdrop for our product development process, and exceptional Customer Service remains our top priority!  

We cherish the ten years of joy and lasting memories shared with our rental customers, and we are grateful for your continued support of our small business!  


Be sure to check out all that we have to offer in our Amazon Store, and please reach out to our Customer Service Eggsperts anytime with questions or feedback!  

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