RentACoop Chick2Chicken 10lb Feeder and 2 Gal Waterer


RentACoop Chick2Chicken 10lb Feeder and 2 Gal Waterer

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  • One Lifetime Feeder & Waterer for Your Flock: Our Chick2Chicken Medium Ports are safe and accessible for chicks as young as 3 days old, through adult chickens! Also perfect for Quail, Pigeons, Doves, and other small birds!
  • Large Capacity: Fewer fills for easy maintenance! The Feeder holds 10 lbs of pellets, crumble, or scratch grains with 4 feed ports; Waterer holds 2 gallons with 4 Horizontal Nipples
  • Access for the Whole Flock: This set easily accommodates larger flocks with 4 Medium Ports and 4 Horizontal Nipples. Suitable for up to 20 chicks or 12 adult chicken
  • We Thought of Everything: Medium ports include sliders to close off access and keep pests out; This weatherproof feeder and waterer set can be placed anywhere and is suitable for all seasons
  • What's in the Box: 10lb Feeder with Lid and Handle; 4 Medium Feed Ports; 2 Gallon Waterer with Lid (with fill hole and Cap), Handle, and Hanging Chain; 2 Anti-Roost Cones; 4 Horizontal Nipples with Dribble Dishes; 4 Auto-Fill Cups with Inserts

Details: RentACoop has always been passionate about introducing others to the joy of chicken-keeping, and we are now at the leading edge of the market in developing high-quality, innovative products for poultry and small animals. From Feeders, Waterers, and Chick Supplies, to Electric Fencing, DIY, and Enrichment products, we strive to make caring for your animals an easier and more enjoyable experience! Every one of our products is designed to address common challenges in backyard chicken-keeping and homesteading: reducing waste, ease of use and maintenance, protection against predators, pest deterrence, and safety. And every one of our products is thoroughly tested at our own small farm in Maryland. RentACoop’s caring team of Product Specialists and Customer Service Eggsperts is dedicated to delivering the highest quality products and customer experience for you and your flock!

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