RentACoop 20lb BPA-Free Chicken Feeder with Large Ports - Includes Lid, Anti-Roost Cone, Ports, Rain Hoods - Suitable for 12 Week Old Chickens/Older and Adult Chickens

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  • One Long-Lasting Feeder for Your Flock: Our Large Ports are safe and accessible for chickens 12 weeks and older, fully-grown Bantams, and other adult poultry
  • Large Capacity: Ideal for Larger flocks, this durable feeder holds 20lb of pellets, crumble, or scratch grain and features 2 Large Ports in a center placement
  • Clean and Cost Effective: Innovative port design keeps dirt and debris OUT and feed IN. No more wasted feed on the ground
  • We Thought of Everything: Large easy-install ports include a Rain Cover to keep feed dry; Anti-Roost Lid keeps your chickens from roosting and making a mess. This weatherproof feeder can be placed anywhere and is suitable for all seasons
  • What's in the Box: 1 20lb Feeder (Corner) with Lid and handle, 2 Large Ports, 2 Rain Hoods, 1 Anti-Roost Cone


Why we think this feeder is better than the rest:

#1 The hens can't poop in their feed

#2 Rain/water can't spoil the feed. Saves you on feed costs

#3 The hen's can't spill/waste the feed due to the feeder's unique design

#4 The hens are forced to eat all of their feed (not just their favorite grains :)

#5 Fewer pests will be attracted to your coop due to less spillage and tough access to feed


Search chicken feeder on Amazon and you'll see mainly one type of feeder sold by 20 different companies.

The problems with these circular feeders are many and have not been improved in over 50 years.

- These feeders do not protect from the rain - Even when you pay extra for a cover

- Chickens can poop in the food and always seem to find a way to - even if you put them on a stand

-Pests such as mice, rats, squirrels, wild birds are attracted to these feeders because hens easily move the feed onto the ground.


Our Feeder solves all of these problems and more..

You can put this feeder in the middle of your yard and not have to worry about feed getting wet. Even your messiest eater will not be able to waste feed.. Our feeder holds enough feed to last 4 hens 2 weeks! Imagine filling your feeder once every week or two!

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