5lb Poultry Feeder and 1Gal Poultry Waterer Set RentACoop


5lb Poultry Feeder and 1Gal Poultry Waterer Set RentACoop

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  • 🐥 BEST FEEDER & WATERER FOR SMALL FLOCKS, SMALL COOPS, OR SINGLE BIRDS! Only have a few chickens and don’t want to buy a large feeder and waterer? Have a chicken who is isolated from the rest of the flock and needs their own feeder and waterer? Have a smaller coop and want to save space? Look no further! Look no further! Both the feeder and waterer can be mounted inside or outside the coop, on wood or wire!
  • 🐥 NO MORE WET OR SPILLED FEED! Includes rain hood and rubber gasket so the feed always stays dry, no need to put it under cover! The design of this feeder also helps prevent hens from spilling food all over the ground, so no more unwanted dinner guests coming to look for a free meal!
  • 🐥 WORKS FOR ALL TYPES OF FEED! Use it with pellets, crumbles, grain, or scratch!
  • 🐥 CONSTANT ACCESS TO FRESH CLEAN WATER! Use it with either our Auto-fill red cups or chicken nipples, both are included! The design of this waterer keeps the sunlight out, and unlike other systems there is no backflow from the drinker into the water container!
  • 🐥 Includes 1 feeder with port and rain hood, and 1 waterer with 2 red cups and 2 horizontal nipples. Feeder and waterer also each come with an Anti-Roost Cone and mounting plate. Feeder for chickens 12 weeks and older or full-sized bantams. We recommend up to 3 chickens per feeder.

Details: RentACoop's 5lb Poultry Feeder and 1Gal Poultry Waterer Set. Great for saving space and for small flocks!

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