RentACoop 1 Liter Chick Feeder and 1.5 Liter Chick Drinker Set with Two (2) Poultry Platform Adjustable Stands



  • RentACoop Has a Solution! |1L Chick Feeder & 1.5L Chick Drinker Set with New Adjustable Stands. Provide fresh, clean water and food for your growing flock from day old chicks through adult chickens. Also suitable for ducklings, turkey poults, quail and quail chicks, other poultry and small birds
  • We Thought of Everything! - ALL NEW Adjustable Stands accommodate growing chicks and keep your RentACoop drinker and feeder off the floor of your brooder for less mess! Easy to assemble and clean as needed. Fill with chick starter, chick grower feed, fresh water daily, for up to 6 chicks
  • Why You'll Love It! - Sturdy, premium quality BPA-free plastic chick water bottle and chick feeder are made to last. Efficient, low maintenance, gravity fed design leaves more time for bonding and enjoying your baby chicks!
  • What’s in the Box? - One (1) 1L (2.2lb.) Chick Feeder; One (1) 1.5L (50oz.) Drinker; Two (2) Adjustable Stands (from 1-6" H); Instructions
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Details: Our goal at RentACoop, is to make products that save you time and money. This chick feeder and water set does that with minimal setup and maintenance. The feeder's scratch ring prevents chicks from wasting food. The waterer's easy to see water level helps alert you when it's time for a refill and the adjustable base allows it to grow with your chicks. Our hope is that we have solved all the issues that lead you to this search for a new feeder and waterer for your chicks, and that you will share your experience with others once you see how well it works!

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