DIY 4 Pack, DIY 12 Pack Auto Fill Cup and Tees Chicken Waterer Kit for PVC Piping by RentACoop

🐓MAKE YOUR OWN watering system out of ½” Schedule 40 PVC pipe! You can use whatever water source you want to build a system that best fits your chicken coop/yard!
🐓CUPS FILL AUTOMATICALLY! Our automatic fill water cups always stay half full and provide fresh, clean water daily! Hens can also dip their wattles in the cups to stay cool!
🐓UV-INHIBITOR helps protect the tees from fading or becoming brittle in the sun!
🐓GREAT FOR MANY BREEDS! Chickens, ducks, peafowl, turkeys, quail, etc!
🐓INCLUDES: cups, patent pending cup inserts, and tees. Requires ½’’ Schedule 40 PVC pipe. Tees have ⅛’’ FPT threads. Auto-fill Cups have ⅛’’ NPT threads. If using a pressurized system rather than gravity fed, PSI must be 3 or less.