Small Animal Drinker with Auto-Fill Metal Cup by RentACoop®

 About This Item 

  • AUTOFILLING METAL CUP - The metal cup automatically refills to 3/4ths full of fresh water 
  • NO DRIPS. NO LEAKS. CLEAN CAGE! - No roller balls to leak and drip water from keeping your animal's home cleaner!   
  • EASY REFILL. PLACE ANYWHERE-Flip-top lid allows this see-through drinker to be placed inside or outside your animal's home for easy refills without removal. This water bottle can be clipped to many sizes of cage bars! 
  • CHEWPROOF - Strong chewer? This metal cup works great for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, mice, rats, ferrets, hamsters, hedgehogs, and other small animals that turn their water bowls into chew toys 
  • NATURAL DRINKING- Your critter will always have access to water, encouraging them to drink more and drink naturally 

Product Instructions & Specifications 

  • 32oz Bottle Includes- 32oz BPA-Free bottle with flip top lid, metal attachment bracket, spring clip, elbow, and metal cup. Dimensions: 7.1" x 3.4" x 3.4"
  • 64oz Bottle Includes- 64oz BPA-Free bottle with flip top lid, spring clip, elbow, and metal cup. Dimensions: 7.2" x 3.4" x 6.1
  • See 32oz Instructions 
  • See 64oz Instructions
  • Still have questions? Our Eggsperts are here to help!  
  • Available in multiple drinking attachment varieties like our Brass Nipple, Autofill Red Cup, and Versatile Chick and Horizontal Nipple.  

Here at RentACoop, we've made these drinkers to save you time. From the way the cup refills on its own, to the way you can easily add water without removing the bottle, to the way it does not drip helping to keep your animal's home clean. Our hope is that we have solved all the issues that lead you to this search for a new waterer and that you will share your experience with others once you see how well it works!