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Refurbished Chick Hatching Kit

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Chick Hatching Kit Includes: Full Brooder (top and bottom part of cage), heating plate with anti-roost cone, 3 grates, chick feeder, chick waterer, candling light (batteries not included) and 1 Brinsea Automatic Turning Incubator (model may vary but they all include the bottom, turning plate plate, top, center cover, and plug). 

Bedding, feed, chicks and fertilized eggs are not included.


To help get you starting with your program, we’ve provided a few details of how we have set up our hatching kit. These are just recommendations, and you may set up your kits, incubator settings etc. based on your own preferences. We typically put hemp bedding or pine shavings on the bottom of the brooder cage and put the 3 black grates on top (slightly overlapping each other) so that the baby chicks don’t kick the bedding out of the cage. We then have the feeder and waterer set up on one side, and the heating plate with anti-roost cone set up on the other side in the corner.

We’ve typically used the incubator for hatching chicken eggs (not duck eggs or other poultry eggs), but we’d be happy to share out settings with you for that. Our settings: 21 days, 99.5 degrees, T-Mode- Auto, Turn Int- 30, Turn Ang- 10, Alarm Hi 3.6, Alarm Lo- 5.4, Cooling- N/A, C/F- N/A, Disp F- N/A. For other fun resources we’ve provided, as well as a hatching handbook, feel free to visit

Again, our resources, handbooks and guides are simply recommendations but we’ve also provided a link to Brinsea’s incubator manual ( which you can reference in order to answer any questions you may have about setting up your program and see what Brinsea recommends in terms of settings.

RentACoop’s heating plate with anti-roost cone instruction manual can be found at this link:

Thank you and Happy Hatching!