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8-Pack Mini-Hemp Bedding by RentACoop


We believe RentACoop's Mini Hemp Bedding is the best animal bedding you can find and hope that you will share your experience with others once you see how well it works!  

About This Item  

  • SO ABSORBANT – 5x more absorbent than pine shavings, which means less mess and odor! 
  • THE ECONOMICAL CHOICE- Hemp bedding lasts much longer than traditional pine shavings making it the economical choice. When it does finally expire, hemp bedding makes great compost! 
  • SAFE FOR YOUR PETS- Our hemp is grown without using any pesticides or insecticides, making it eco-friendly and safe for your pets 
  • FOR ANIMALS LARGE AND SMALL- Including Rabbits, Cats, Hamsters, Chickens, Guinea Pigs, Gerbils, Chicks, Horses, and more 

  Product Instructions & Specifications  

  • 8x 12L Bags- Each pack weighs 1.5 pounds totaling 10.5 pounds. Just one block of bedding covers a 30" x 18" cage with 1 inch of bedding! 
  • Still have questions? Our Eggsperts are here to help!   
  • Also Available in a 300L Bag