14 Pack Mini Electric Fence Posts by RentACoop

⚡LIFT AND SUPPORT the bottom strands of your electric poultry netting to prevent energy loss from foliage, weed, or extra grassy areas

⚡GREAT FOR DIFFERENT TERRAINS. No need to worry about your fence being placed on hilly, grassy, or bumpy areas! The mini fence posts will help with adjusting your fence, see our video for more examples!

⚡PERFECT FOR UNEVEN GROUND! Secure the bottom of your electric netting from any dips in the ground. Animals won’t be able to crawl underneath!

⚡KEEP YOUR ANIMALS SAFE! Won’t break your electric netting’s current by adding these mini posts! Strong current means safe animals

⚡Package includes 14 Mini Fence Posts, instructions, and world’s best customer service for any questions you may have! Dimensions: 17" total length. 2.75" across. 6" spike length. Length above ground is 11"