Hydration Station Metal Waterers by RentACoop

HYDRATED, HAPPY, and HEALTHY HENS! Give your flock access to fresh and clean water year-round with RentACoop's Hydration Station Metal Waterer!

ALL WEATHER! Pair the Hydration Station with the included RentACoop Auto-Fill Cups to cool your birds down in the summer. Then swap to the No-Drip, Freeze-Free Nipples for winter!


MOUNT OR PLACE ANYWHERE! Inside or outside your coop, standing on its own, or anywhere else you need, this waterer can do it all!


EASY TO CLEAN AND NO ALGAE GROWTH! Specifically designed with care in mind, this waterer doesn't allow sunlight in to keep algae away! Also includes Cup Inserts to remove simple outside dirt and debris from your autofill cups quickly and easily.


INCLUDES: 1 Hydration Station Waterer (2Gal or 5Gal), 2 RentACoop Auto-Fill Cups with cup inserts, 2 horizontal nipples, and lid. Note: waterer must be paired with water heater to keep the water from freezing in winter.