Heated Swig Rig: 2-Liter Poultry Drinker by RentACoop

🌡️💧 FRESH WATER IN FREEZING WEATHER! No need to worry about your feathery friends in colder weather, RentACoop's Swig Rig heated drinkers have proven to work in -10 degrees for 7 days straight with their base and backside heat design! 

🌡️💧 YEAR-ROUND WATERER! No need to put this drinker away for warmer weather! Works great in any season.
🌡️💧 EASY ATTACHMENT, EASY FILL! Drinker comes with a spring clip and wire holder for your drinker to easily be placed inside or outside your animal's home, on wood or wiring! Flip top allows for quick refills without having to remove the entire waterer.
🌡️💧 Includes: (1) BPA-Free 2L Heated Drinker with spring clip, wire drinker holder, wood mounting bracket with hardware, and power cord attached.  Low electricity: 15W; uses Type A 110V plug.