164' Electric Anti-Predator Netting Fence by RentACoop

Electric netting fence keeps predators and unwanted animals out while protecting your flock in a safe, enclosed area!

About This Item

🐓 Energizer is not included - DOES NOT WORK WITHOUT AN ENERGIZER - We recommend 1/4 Joules of Energy Per Every 164' Roll - Use only low or wide impedance intermittent pulse energizers. Warning! Do NOT use continuous current energizers with electric netting.
🐓 Simple and quick to set up - Posts are pre-fastened to fence making setup less than 15 minutes 
🐓 Stakes are placed every 12 Feet (any less is unnecessary because this kit includes four guy-lines which prevents fence from sagging) 
🐓 Double spiked posts provide extra support- Watch our instructional video to see the crisp lines of the fence
🐓 Trimming grass and vegetation along the line of the fence is a must. When vegetation touches the horizontal wires on the fence, the current is lowered. If enough vegetation is touching the fence, it will render the fence useless. We recommend purchasing a fence tester and keeping your fence above 3000 Volts to discourage predators from trying to get in your chicken yards


Product Instructions & Specifications

 Watch Our Instructional Video
● Length is 164′ and height is 48″