Electric Anti-Predator Goat Fence by RentACoop

About This Item 

  • KEEP YOUR ANIMALS SAFE- Keep predators and unwanted animals out  
  • EASY SETUP! - Posts are pre-fastened to fence making setup less than 15 minutes! 
  • FENCE DOES NOT SAG-Stakes every 12 ft, 4 guy-lines, and double spiked posts provide the necessary support and keep the fence from sagging 
  • ENERGIZER IS NOT INCLUDEDFENCE WILL NOT WORK WITHOUT AN ENERGIZER – we recommend 0.20 joules of energy per every 164' or 168' roll 

 Product Instructions & Specifications 

  • INCLUDES- Roll of Netting with 15 built-in 13.5mm Double-Spike Posts spaced 12' apart, 4 U-Shaped Stakes with Guylines,14 Metal Hook Stakes, 4 Mini Stakes, Warning Sign, Repair Kit 
  • Warnings- Electric Netting does not turn on without an energizer.  Use only low or wide-impedance intermittent pulse energizers 
  • We Recommend -  Trimming Grass and vegetation along the fence line. Also, purchasing a fence tester and keeping your fence above 3000 Volts to discourage predators from trying to get in your chicken yard 
  • ● Watch Our Instructional Video
  • Still have questions? Our Eggsperts are here to help! 
  • Available in 168' Goat Netting, as well as 168' Poultry netting Netting and 164' Poultry Netting.  

At RentACoop, we realize life is busy so we designed our Electric Fencing to be setup quickly.  Electric Fencing keeps predators and unwanted animals out, protecting your flock in a safe, enclosed area.