DIY Large and Small Chick Dual Port Feeder Kit by RentACoop

🐥 MAKE YOUR OWN CHICK FEEDER! Use any receptacle (cardboard box/plastic recipient etc)
🐥 FEED REMAINS CLEAN AND DRY! NO-MESS! No-spill lip construction prevents food from spilling on the ground/bedding and keeps debris (dirt, poop, etc.) from entering the feeder.
🐥 KIT INCLUDES: 2 large dual-ports/ 2 window plugs for large ports/ 2 small dual ports/ 8 screws and wingnuts/stencil/ instructions and customer service in case you have any additional questions!
🐥 ADAPTABLE FOR CHICKS UP TO 12 WEEKS OLD! Two small ports for chicks aged 1-4 weeks old. Two large ports for chicks aged 5-12 weeks old. Large ports also work great for quail and pigeons!

🐥 DIMENSIONS: 6x6x6 inches