Treadle Chicken Feeder by RentACoop®

About This Item

  • SAVE MONEY AND TIME- Cut down on feed cost and trips to the barn. Metallic grill prevents poultry from spilling feed. 
  • WEATHERPROOF- 100% rainproof, security knowing your feed is protected in extreme weather conditions 
  • PEST PROOF- Keeps out raccoons, wild birds, squirrels, mice and other pest 
  • EASY TO USE- Quick set up. Holds pellets, crumbles, scratch and grain 
  • TRAINING- 3 step training process provided in our instructional video so hens learn to get used to their new feeder quickly 
  • SAFETY & USE- Place on flat ground. Adjustable from 1.5 pounds of pressure (for bantams) up to 3 pounds of pressure ( for full-grown full-sized hens). Not suitable for chicks. Please keep out of direct sunlight .


Treadle feeder is 25lbs

Turn your existing 25lb feeder into a 40lb with our 15lb extension!

 Product Instructions & Specifications

 Watch Our Treadle Feeder Instructional Videos

  • 25lb Video
  • 15lb Extension Video                                                                                

At RentACoop, we understand your time is valuable and your flock's wellbeing is important. You can go away comfortably knowing your feed is dry and available for your feathered friends.  No more rushing home to feed or depending on others when you go away. Our 25lb feeder can feed 6 hens for 10 days and the 40lb can feed 12 hens for 10 days. Our system is designed to give you peace of mind knowing you are saving money by not having wet, wasted or stolen feed. Still have questions? Our personable customer service team is happy to help.