Galvanized Weatherproof Trough Feeder by RentACoop

About This Item

  • NO MESS! NO WASTE! RentACoop's Trough Feeder design allows your birds to access all their food without being able to pull any out! Your messiest birds won't be able to leave feed all over the ground for other animals to find. 
  • STEADY SUPPLY- Automatic supply of feed offers peace of mind knowing your flock is tended 
  • EASILY PLACE ANYWHERE! - Mount this feeder inside a coop or place it outside standing on its own. This feeder can go wherever your flock needs it! 
  • NOT JUST FOR FEED- Perfect way to offer grit or oyster shell 
  • WEATHERPROOF- This tough trough feeder is waterproof, designed to work year-round! 

 Product Instructions & Specifications

  • INCLUDES- (1) Trough Feeder with rain cover and 2x waterproof stickers. 
  • Metal feeder may get hot with extended exposure to sunlight. Waterer sold separately, not included.
  • Still have questions? Our personable customer service team is happy to help. 
  •  Available in 10lb, 25lb and 50lb sizes. 

At RentACoop, we realize life is busy.  This feeder takes some of the daily chores off of your to do list.  The automatic supply and no waste features save time and money.  The 10lb feeder is perfect to offer grit or oyster shell for optimal flock health.