Single Port Chicken Feeder by RentACoop

RentACoop’s original port design allows chickens to access all their food while keeping it in the feeder! Even your messiest hens won’t be able to pull feed out, saving you time and money. No more unwanted dinner guests, like wild birds, squirrels, mice, or rats, coming to look for a free meal!

About This Item

🐓 SPACE SAVING, CAN BE PLACED ANYWHERE! Versatile for all types of coop/yard setups, leaving more space for your chickens! Inside or outside your coop — on wood, wire, sitting on a stand, and yes, even ½” hardware cloth! 
🐓WORKS FOR ALL TYPES OF FEED AND POULTRY! A great choice for chickens, ducks, geese, turkey, peacocks, and more! Works with pellets, crumbles, grain and scratch!
🐓WEATHER PROOF! This port feeder keeps out all rain, snow, and sun, keeping your feed fresher, longer!


Product Instructions & Specifications

 Watch Our Instructional Video
● Includes (1) 5lb or10lb Port Feeder, 1 Anti-Roost cone, (2) S-hooks, and mounting hardware. Feeder for chickens 12 weeks and older, or full-grown bantam chickens.
● Made of thick BPA free material 
● Pair the 10lb feeder with our matching 2-Gallon Waterer with the same space saving abilities!