Auto-Fill Chicken Watering Cups with Cage Clips by RentACoop

🐓DIY WATERING SYSTEM, SO MANY OPTIONS!! Make the perfect watering system by attaching cups directly to a rain barrel, bucket, plastic container, or create your own tubing system by using our RentACoop tees to attach to ½’’ schedule 40 PVC pipe, or attach cups directly to 5/16’’ ID tubing. The possibilities are endless!
🐓CAN ATTACH TO WIRING! Cups easily clip onto hardware cloth or other cage bars/wirings. It couldn’t be easier to make a multiple enclosure watering system with PVC pipe or ID tubing!!
🐓CLEAN WATER FLOWS AUTOMATICALLY! No tabs to push or float valves to worry about. The cups are always half full! A great solution for clean water for chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, quail, etc. Hens can also dip their wattles in to keep cool!
🐓NEW INSERTS FOR EASY CLEANING! New removable cup inserts make cleaning a breeze! Simply take them out, pour out the debris, and place them back in the cups! No more unscrewing the whole cup to clean it out!
🐓Includes: cups with attached clips plus one free cup in each pack, patent pending cup inserts, washers, screws, and wingnuts. If using a pressurized watering system, requires a pressure regulator to keep PSI at 3 or less. If installing cups directly into a water container, requires a 9mm or ⅜’’ drill bit. Cups have 1/8" NPT threads.
🐓Pair with our DIY tees if using PVC pipe. A DIY waterer also goes great with our DIY feeder kit! Our Anti-Dirt Covers prevents animals from knocking or jumping onto your cups too!