40lb Metal Treadle Feeder
40lb Metal Treadle Feeder

40lb Metal Treadle Feeder

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🐓 SAVE MONEY ON FEED COSTS! Pays for itself on feed costs alone within a year.

🐓 NO-SPILL! 100% PEST-PROOF AND RAIN-PROOF! Metal grill prevents poultry from spilling feed. No more problems with raccoons, wild birds, squirrels, mice, rats or any other pests getting at your hens' feed. Feed remains fresh and dry!

🐓 EASY! EASY! EASY! Written instructions included and free video instructions available for installation and training your hens.

🐓 INCLUDES one 40LB capacity feeder, 2 blinders, 1 rain cover for outdoor use, an adjustable weight option for bantam chickens to full-grown chickens, a no-spill grill, feed flow adjuster, lid clips, 1 rubber washer, instructions and the world's best customer service in case you have any additional questions!

🐓 As with all metallic treadle feeders, keep in a shaded area on hot sunny days. 

🐓 40LB Treadle Feeder assembled dimensions: 20 x 21 x 21.5 inches.

🐓 Product shipping dimensions: 27.5lb 21 x 14.5 x 14.5 inches.


Video and Training Instructions - https://youtu.be/9YwVIQ1-JcE