10lb Metal Trough Poultry Feeder and 2-Gallon Hydration Station Metal Waterer Set by RentACoop

🐓NO WASTE, MESS FREE! RentACoop's Trough feeder is designed to allowed your flock to access their feed without letting them pull any out! No more mess left behind on the ground for other animals to find. Hydration Station's cup and nipple attachments ensure a drip-free waterer!

🐓YEAR-ROUND, ALL WEATHER USE! Rainproof design keeps your feed fresh. Hydration Station's Auto-Fill cups will keep your flocks cool in the hotter weather. Then swap to Freeze-free nipples with a water heater (not included) for winter!

🐓PLACE ANYWHERE! Both waterer and feeder can stand on their own or be mounted to wood! Place them inside or outside your coop, no cover needed!

🐓Includes: (1) Hydration Station 2.0 with 2x horizontal nipples, 2x Patented Dribble Dishes, 2x Auto-Fill Cups with patent pending cup inserts. (1) 10lb Trough Feeder with rain cover, and 2x rainproof stickers. Metal feeder and waterer may get hot when exposed to sunlight for a long period of time. Water heater not included.