Chick2Chicken 10LB 4-Port Feeder by RentACoop®

Our goal at RentACoop, is to make products that save you time and money. This weatherproof poultry feeder does that with minimal setup and maintenance. One no-waste feeder for the life of your chickens or other smaller birds, like quail and pigeons.  

About This Item  

  • LESS UPKEEP! NO MESS! - Keep all your crumble, scratch, grain, and pellets inside this weatherproof feeder while keeping dirt and water out! No more wasted food on the ground with this port design! 
  • PLACE ANYWHERE – This rainproof feeder can go anywhere, in a brooder or outside in the yard! 
  • ONE FEEDER FOR LIFE - For chicks as young as 3 days old to full grown hens, this lifelong feeder will grow with your flock. 
  • ACCOMODATES LARGER FLOCKS - Featuring 4 ports for multiple birds to feed at the same time, this feeder is great for larger flocks or adding another feeder into any home. 
  • PERFECT FOR SMALL BIRDS! - Quail, Pigeons, Doves, and other small birds thrive with this feeder's design, giving them easy access to all their feed 

Product Instructions & Specifications  

  • Feeder Includes- 10lb BPA-Free plastic pre-drilled bucket with 4 ports, gaskets locknuts, anti-roost cone, lid, sticker and instructions.  
  • Intended use: Chicks must be at least 3 days old to use. Up to 20 chicks or 12 adult chickens per feeder. 
  • Assembled in the USA
  • See Our Instructional Video Here 
  • Also available as a Feeder/Waterer set