"I LOVE THE CHICKENS!! My family loves them and I'm not sure we ever would have made the leap to raising chickens, if renting them didn't allow us to ease into it."

- Margaret N.

"Thanks for everything that you do - the students, teachers, parents, and administration have thoroughly enjoyed having the chicks and learning about their life cycle and the circle of life. I can't imagine a more hands-on way for my students to learn about animals, responsibility, 'life on a farm,' and being gentle. Your program has enriched our writing, math, and science lessons. I enjoyed watching my students' faces light-up when holding 3-day old chicks and laughing while the chicks played with each other. I look forward to doing your program again in the fall. Thank-you!"

- Kealy R.
Garden Coordinator at Stoddert Elementary School

"When I told my friends I was renting a chicken coop with egg laying chickens, they thought I was crazy... but it was one of the best experiences my family has had in a long time. The experience of caring for the chickens and collecting eggs each day was a fabulous learning opportunity for my four young children. Giving my children an introduction to understanding where the food on our table really comes from was an even bigger advantage. Originally I was very nervous about what getting chickens would require. I asked a million and one questions, and Tyler and Diana patiently answered them all. In hindsight, I now think it is funny that I was so worried about what keeping chickens would require and whether or not I would be able to do it. It was easier than caring for my dogs! We will definitely make this an annual event for our family, and I highly recommend that anyone out there who is interested in it give it a try! I'm so glad we did!!"

- Amy G.

"Each of our 3 classrooms adopted a coop with 2 chicks and an incubator with 7 eggs. This was a phenomenal experience for these 4 year olds! They got to watch the chicks develop and grow and see how eggs hatch in real time. They also witnessed how chicken embryos develop using 'candling.' The children were fascinated. Children who weren’t talking very much had a lot to say and because our school goes up to 8th grade, the little ones got to be the experts when the big kids came to visit."

- Joan F.
Education Director PreK for All at St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Academy

"My teen was thrilled when I told her we were going to rent chickens from RentACoop, but little did I know that the pleasure would be all mine. From the moment our two hens were brought, literally, to our door, we loved having 'the girls' (as we referred to them) as our guests. They gave us lovely fresh eggs every day, cooed and clucked happily in our yard (especially when we brought them cucumbers) and required so little in return....what a great experience. And the RentACoop team was with us every step of the way. Two thumbs up!"

- Amy F.

"Please know that having these beautiful creatures has changed many of us for life. I have learnt that even 'bird brains' show strong bonds of love, and socialization!! I would never have believed that until I saw a newly- hatched chick clambering over the eggs in the incubator to reach the one still hatching!! It was indeed very powerful!! Thank you for raising our level of 'respect' for all creatures, big and small."

- Sunit Grover
Head of Paint Branch Montessori School

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for giving us this amazing opportunity to watch life begin. We candled an egg in the dark this evening (my little one is outside with my oldest) and the chick moved!!!! It was amazing! I am speechless at how beautiful that was. The two chicks are doing great - we are so in love with them. I keep telling my kids that we are just borrowing them but we still love them. Their precious little 'peeps' make our day! Thank you so much for this!!!"

- Jenn L.