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5 Pound Dual Port Chick Feeder by RentACoop


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🐥 FEED REMAINS CLEAN AND DRY! NO-MESS! No-spill lip construction prevents food from spilling on the ground/bedding and keeps debris (dirt, poop, etc.) from entering the feeder. Feeder is for indoor or covered use only - The feeder is not rain-proof as it is meant for younger chickens that should not be out in the rain
🐥 NO-WASTE! Height of feeding ports allows chicks to reach and access feed at the bottom of the container without being able to move, spill or waste the feed. All the feed gets eaten!
🐥 ADAPTABLE FOR CHICKS UP TO 12 WEEKS OLD! Two small ports for chicks aged 1-4 weeks old. Two large ports for chicks aged 5-12 weeks old. No extra stand or prop required. Large ports also work great for quail and pigeons!
🐥 INCLUDES: One 5LB (80oz) BPA-Free food-grade plastic dual-port chick feeder with attached handle, 1 easily removable chick feeder lid, 2 different sized ports, instructions and customer service in case you have any additional questions!

🐥DIMENSIONS: 10x6x6  LxWxH